Verizon Pushes Lates Thunderbolt OTA Update 1.70.605.0

htc thunderbolt
Would you appear at that - exclusive hours after we leaked the longish due update that, most importantly, fixes reboot issues, Verizon opened the lot entrepreneur and is now actuation the 74MB download over-the-air to HTC Thunderbolts all over the region.
for Bolt owners who see an free software update pop up on their sound this eventide, they'll be settled forthrightly between a move and a towering town. Why? On one assistance, the Froyo OTA update promises to nix random reboots, turn aggregation connectivity and fix the Bluetooth Uncovering Average pop-up windows. On the remaining, it adds a helping of bloatware (V Gathering Music, V Work Videos and My Verizon) patch also net the lust-worthy unimprisoned transferrable point lineament. Not equal the vector ever said it'd be any disparate get archaean July, but it's sure a case, we'd probably avoid the urge to update to the last chassis

Verizon Wireless is pleased to announce a new software update, Build Number: 1.70.605.0 Baseband:,,for your ThunderBolt by HTC.

Verizon Wireless and HTC encourage you to download this update. For step-by-step instructions on how to perform this download, please visit

  • Improved data connectivity.
  • Enhanced Call History view.
  • Reduced number of device power cycles and resets.
  • Improved Bluetooth® Discovery Mode pop-up window.
  • View App Menu in tabbed layout.
  • People search function enabled.
  • Backup Assistant has been added to the All Apps menu.
  • Preloaded My Verizon, V CAST Music and V CAST Videos.
  • Desktop cradle App is now available, showing clock in landscape mode.
  • NY Times site has been added into the browser bookmarks.
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source: AndroidPolice

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