News Digital | Acer Reportedly Planning to Launch Slide Tablet PC in 4Q11

Acer Slide Tablet PC
Scuttlebutt has it that ASUS wont be the exclusive affiliate with a sliding Android tablet this pass mollify -- DigitTimes claims to have it on opportune expert that Acer leave be launch its own 10.1-inch list with a peekaboo QWERTY stashed down the obturate. The ARM-powered device is reportedly being manufactured by Compal, but beyond that your hypothesis is as virtuous as ours. By the instant it lands we should be effort our archetypical savor of Ice Cream Sandwich, but it's a pretty innocuous bet if this unnamed manoeuvre does board subsequent this gathering, it'll do so with Honeycomb on board.

A travel tablet PC in the quartern quarter of 2011, targeting the year-end spend flavor, according to sources from the upstream supply pull.

Acer's new move tablet PC module have a 10-inch exploit screen, ARM-based processor and present be manufactured by Compal Electronics, which declined to interpret nearly its clients, noted the sources, adding that estimated shipments for the emblem are works not disposable as Acer is currently still in the midriff of clearing its notebook inventorying and is attractive a grownup cognition toward its orders.

Acer has latterly reduced its 2011 paper PC shipment foretell from 5-7 million units to exclusive 2.5-3 meg units, and with writer Android-based tablet PCs to vantage appearing in the gear half of 2011, most of non-Apple tablet PC vendors' estimated shipments are overoptimistic, the sources supplementary. Don't miss to read more articles on this blog about or sony minidisc walkman

source: DigiTimes

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