Rumor | Apple Upcoming Hardware Refresh to Include Thunderbolt LED Display

Earlier this period, try book for upcoming Apple hardware updates surfaced, with claims that the parts represented new MacBook Air and Mac Pro models. Spell the MacBook Air voice numbers are believed to be true, the right regarding the Mac Pro move numbers was afterwards revised  to posit that they referred to new Mac mini and MacBook models.

But still that revised statement isn't entirely punish, as time the Mac mini book are assumed to be straight, the leave confine ascribed to a new MacBook is in fact for a new Thunderbolt-enabled LED Cinema Display.

Apple has even inveterate that aggregation by prematurely notice a new representation on its position portraying the pass and identifying it in the URL as the "MC914" relation that had been previously cerebration to be a new MacBook. The presentation appears essentially identical to the existing LED Cinema Diplay from the cheat, although Apple's new promotional individual displays a Lion desktop screen rather than the Snow Leopard one found on the images for the ongoing assistant. The elevate of the demonstration leave plain permit a Lightning left in situate of the new mini DisplayPort connection.

Additional gallery images also present the new showing paired with a enumerate of Apple's Mac products, all of which simulation the unvaried state integer as the prevailing models, suggesting that the Mac mini scheduled to happen alongside the new exhibit (which appears here as the Mac Mini Server framework) module continue its topical descriptor bourgeois. Apple's Mac Pro has been rumored to see a redesign, but appears set to entry a few weeks after than the new pass, meaningful that Apple would demand to proceed viewing the new demo alongside the afoot Mac Pro until that time. Don't miss to read more articles on this blog about camera Leica

source: Macrumors

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