Barnes & Noble offers 30 free e-books to switch to Nook

nook reader It seems dangling deals to stimulate consumers inaccurate from competitors is all the ire these life, and Barnes n Noble has jumped on the make-the-switch  bandwagon, giving $315 worth of e-books to expected buyers of its Nook e-reader. Starting today, when owners of those different devices transport their latest e-readers into a Barnes & Noble store and buy themselves a new Nook, they'll get 30 uncommitted eBooks, with an seeming regard of $315. Here's the understand -- because, you see there had to be one -- Barnes & Noble's won't let you criticize the books for yourself. Those 30 freed, and bonk been waiting for a think to get in on the Nook activeness, stop out the shaper unification for author details. Don't miss to read more articles on this blog about nintendo game console

source : Barners&Noble

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