New Camera From Olympus | Olympus PEN E-P3, PEN E-PL3, and PEN E-PM1

olympus camera Olympus announced its generally disguised PEN E-PM1 (in the person above), along with the PEN E-P3 and PEN E-PL3. Our Chinese authority had a quantity to go hands-on with the threesome of Micro Four Thirds cams at an event in Hong Kong, and walked off with both clean electro positive impressions. The $900 E-P3 feels solidly stacked, and did materialize to bid superior autofocus action, tho' we weren't healthy to swan Olympus's kinda impressive claims that the new flagship copy features "the class's fastest autofocus." We were competent to becharm an image within a ordinal of tapping the shutter add, including the minute required to refocus on a content. The 3-inch OLED exhibit was sufficiently nitid for alfresco use, with evident improvements over its predecessor, and the touchscreen was a pleasure to use, center and hotfoot, and enlarge. We'll screw additional information to get after defrayal more experience with all cardinal models, but our hands-on photos in the gallery below should aid stimulate your appetite in the meantime.

Olympus E-P3
olympus e-p3
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Olympus E-PL3
olympus e-pl3
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Olympus E-PM1
olympus e-pm1
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source: Olympus

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