iRiver Story HD | eReader From Google

Google is getting the upper hand, after removing Goole +1 and Google Smartphone, now Google released a digital electronic products (gadgets) in the form of eReader. eReader is the first product is named Google Story iRiver HD. IRiver Why? iRiver is a company from South Korea who have issued similar products and Google trust the company to produce eReader Google.

eReader iRiver Story HD is useful for readers to access the various collections of digital books available in the Google libraries. The user of eReader convenience more so when accessing the iRiver Story HD because it was supported interface that high-resolution e-ink and a qwerty keyboard.

With the iRiver Story HD, Google prepares to compete with other manufacturers that have existed eReader such as Amazon (Kindle) and Barnes & Noble (Nook)

Specifications iRiver Story HD
Display : 6 inch XGA E-ink
Dimensions : 190.4 x 127.5 x 9.3 mm, weight 207 grams
Resolution : 768 x 1024 p, color depth 16 grayscale
CPU : Cortex A8
Storage : 2GB (1.4 GB system storage include)
Internal Memory : NAND Flash
External Memory : SD (SDHC max 32 GB)
Connections : USB 2.0, Wi-Fi
Language : 17 languages
Keyboard : 38 Qwerty keyboard, navigation key, home, option, enter, back key
File Support : ebook (pdf, epub, txt, fb2, djvu), office (ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx, doc, docx, hwp), comic (zip, jpeg, bmp, png, gif), DRM (adobe adept), collins dictionary
Battery : built in Lithium Polymer 1800mAh, charging time 4.5 hours, reading max 14.000 pages, waiting time 6 weeks


Collections of agenda books accessible in the Google libraries. The user of e Reader accessibility added so if accessing the i River Story HD because it was accurate interface that high-resolution e-ink and a qwerty keyboard.

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Absolutely, Google also provides different types of books that can be directly downloaded or just read, let alone use this product.