Nokia Lumia Coffee Tab, Windows 8 Concept

Nokia Lumia Coffee Tab, Windows 8 Concept - Nokia did not declare an intention to make a tablet computer that runs the operating system Windows 8, though Microsoft's latest operating system is also designed for the tablet.

If in the future Nokia will make a tablet, probably will adopt the name and design of the series smartphone Lumia, according to the imagination a fan of Nokia devices, Joy Montano, a parenting site My Nokia Blog.

Why Lumia ?
First, because Lumia design looks fresh and pretty successful in the early days of the sale. Secondly, Nokia need a consistent design language for the Windows 8.

Montano create a design concept with Nokia tablet with named is Lumia Coffee, complete with the specifications. as one a fan of Nokia, Montano expect the Finnish company is taking great strides to create for Windows 8 tablet restore the popularity of Nokia. Although this is just imagination Montano, but did not rule out the possibility Montano gave much inspiration to Nokia.

Following the Montano concept of Lumia Coffee Tab
1. 1.4GHz cpu
2. 512Mb ram
3. 16/32/64Gb storage
4. 9.7″ AMOLED "clearblack" display (1280×800)
5. 8Mp Rear camera, 2Mp front facing camera
6. Windows 8 tablet edition
7. Wifi/3G connectivity

Nokia Lumia Coffee Tab

source MyNokiaBlog


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