Microsoft Office 365 Feature

Microsoft Office 365 Feature

Microsoft Office 365 Feature - Now Microsoft brings online service with cloud-based business applications, Microsoft Office 365. This service is presenting four main features it has. Four main features of this integrated, not only jobs but also facilitate communication with colleagues.

Office Professional Plus, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and Lync Online which is the main features of Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a combination of the four program services. And most important of the Office 365 is acces anywhere. Ease of access, because the service can be used with various devices, such as computers and smartphones to send emails or documents.

Office Professional Plus is a flexible version of the Microsoft Office productivity and most complete service from Microsoft. Microsoft Office Proffesional has the same functionality as the desktop version of Office Microfot.

Exchange Online is a technology-based applications Exchange Server 2010 namely as a messaging platform that can be used to adjust the meeting schedule.

SharePoint Online, can be used to manage documents, share documents such as employment and create a web intranet to share company news in the area.

Lync Online, an online version of Lync Server 2010, is a product of communication and collaboration. With Lync Online, users can perform simple communications for instant messaging, audio and video calls.

Microsoft Office 365 can be regarded as a flexible service, because it is a Microsoft product, but it can be used with other devices, used in all browsers, not just IE ( Internet Explorer ) and not only be used in WP ( Windows Phone).

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