Apple Sues Motorola Over Qualcomm Patent

Apple Sues Motorola and Qualcomm Patent - Apple still continue to sue, the company's latest Motorola Mobility sued in court last week the United States (U.S.). Apple apparently wants to continue the trend that has been achieved victory in the German courts.

In the reports coming in San Diego federal court, Motorola Mobility stumbled patent licensing issues under the cooperation between Motorola and Qualcomm. As is known, Apple and Motorola has licensed patents to war risking millions of dollars. Unfortunately, Motorola spokeswoman Christa Smith did not comment on the specification of the case facing his company, but he was saying that Apple will continue to fight to protect its patent rights. Mean while,Apple representatives also refused to comment and the Qualcomm could not be reached for comment related to this issue.

Clearly, Apple said that as the owner of a patent license Qualcomm, Apple is a third party beneficiary of an agreement Motorola with Qualcomm.

According to Apple, under certain Motorola patents had expired.

Apple Sues Motorola Over Qualcomm Patent

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