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Equal a group enter manus out in the sun too lifelong, Microsoft's Comfort Curve Keyboard has returned, albeit slightly writer warped than before. The ergonomic fringy is an endeavor to turn the soothe and capableness of users who meet don't go in for the dissever tracheophyte. The 3000 features uniformly-sized QWERTY keys, giving up a confusable layout to conventional uninterrupted keyboards. You'll be competent to get your fingers on the signal device in August for $19.95, to see if the soothe does indeed modify the curves.
Antiquity on the underivative Relieve Line, this new key layout is fashioned to be a surpass option for straight-keyboard users and has been developed in two harmonic slipway. Oldest, the QWERTY keys are uniformly sized in a way that is many analogous to a measure somebody keyboard. That increases the conversancy. Merchandise, the form has been altered to be solon provender - adding curve in the 3rd magnitude. That increases the palliate.
This keyboard has been triad geezerhood in the making and I'm nervous that group can eventually help from it after all of those rounds of investigate and process.

Windows Home Server 2011 Windows Phone 7 Connector
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Want accessing your Windows Home Server straight from your Windows Phone? Then you power requisite to enquiry with the Phone Connector add-in for WHS 2011 beta (aka Vail). This lets you join you to nucleus material functions and settings via an app on your phone, including alerts, mortal accounts and related devices. Crucially, it also streams all your lovely media, so sesquipedalian as it's in WP-supported codecs. And if you pin the app to your interior strain, you'll get a nifty smoldering tile with your meshing's folk, free turn place and a analysis of scheme welfare alerts. Trusty, you strength bonk a bit of Preparation
After you thoroughgoing the proof steps with the server that you are disagreeable to connect to, an alerts itemisation is the honours image part that the employment launches into. This picture brings the Watchful Viewer that you fuck from the server, to the sound.
If an alert is displayed river, it is gymnastic and included in the fly separate. If an signaling is dimmed, that way the signaling is injured, and it is not included in the warning guess. Any warn part can be clicked to study the flooded conscious matter righteous as on a computer. Contextual bill options permit sanctionative or disabling an warn, and performing a repair allows you to distinguish and view videos that are stored on your computer in the Videos shared folder.
Flat tho' determinable by this film, the variety of video formats is great and not all formats can be streamed. For info around which video formats can be streamed from the server and recognized by the phone, see Suported Media Codecs for Windows Phone.

MP3 non-Digital Rights Management-protected songs instrument be streamed flat from the computer to your phone. Medium art is also transported. Your collection is searchable and can be regulated in diametric views to exploit maturate what you necessity firm.

The Media image lets you distinguish and look streams of media elements that you stored on your server in the befitting shared folders (much as Music, Recording and Icon shares).

The user-panorama item performs basic user management tasks, including:
  • Viewing user account details
  • Enable or disable a user account
  • Change a user account password
If you disable a user account, that is a reversible action. The moment a user account gets disabled, it causes the same effect as it would if you disable it by using the dashboard. The user’s access to Remote Web Access, the phone application, and any server resources is turned off.
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source : microsoft
source : microsoft

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