Nokia Android | Will Defeat OS Windows Phone 7

nokia android
Currently Windows 7 Phone in the select as the main operating system for smartphones Nokia, because the presence of the OS (it) makes dashed hopes of many people who want to see how this Nokia smartphone if it is present with OS Android.

However, thanks to the prototype were posted on China-based sites, Weibo, recently at least give a chance to catch a glimpse of the Nokia smartphone running the Android operating system.

Like N9 prototype that resembles the recently announced several days ago was seen running the OS Android 2.3 Gingerbread. But if the look of the icon size is presented, likely higher screen resolution of WVGA.

If judging from the picture presented looks so convincing. Even so, conclusions that lead to the certainty of a prototype Nokia is running the Android OS could not even get. Because it is only prototype only. We wait for certainty on the part of Nokia itself.

Hopefully Nokia with Android OS could be true because until now I wait to have it even though it has a lot of phones based on Android, I still love Nokia. Don't miss to read more articles on this blog about Sony Ericsson

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