Zeus Virus BlackBerry

Zeus Virus BlackBerry is a virus like trojan that can steal data or information contained on the BlackBerry by using SMS as the mainstream media. The target Zeus Virus BlackBerry is a steal personal information such as SMS or mobile data transaction. And on the BlackBerry, Mesengger service as the main target of Zeus Virus.

In addition to the main target of Zeus Virus BlackBerry is Messengger service on the BlackBerry. Zeus virus is also able to see, remove, to forward incoming SMS, block calls, takes over the use of, and even block the phone number itself.

BlackBerry, Smartphone that has a sophisticated security system and a full feature, in fact can not be penetrated by outsiders but nevertheless a system that is made if the use can not control, then anything can happen. Including virus attacks.
Moreover, BlackBerry users more easily using the internet connection to perform such services or social networking Mesengger so that it will facilitate a virus or malware infecting mobile security system.

As presented an ethical hacker, though Zaki Qureesh, BlackBerry has a very secure system, but if the user is either in use such as installing an application that is nottrusted will help malicious parties entered the BlackBerry system.

To overcome or prevent Zeus virus enters the BlackBerry system, the use of antiviral may be paired in the BlackBerry using the BlackBerry AppWorld service that provides a variety of antivirus applications. As NetQin, SmartGuard Pro, or McAfee MS.

If Zeus virus has attacked the BlackBerry via the BlackBerry Mesengger service, what about Nokia with Windows systems they use?
Whereas before, for other systems such as Symbian or Android has been entered by the sharing of malware or viruses.

Remember, prevention is better than repairing the damage that we never knew before!

And some tips on prevention of virus attack or malware on your mobile phone from me:
  1. Use the built-in security systems that exist on any mobile phone.
  2. If no security system, use security application that can be downloaded from the AppStore any mobile phone.
  3. Not too often do internet connection, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or other data access connection.
  4. When you wish to install the application, use the existing applications on the AppStore in every phone.
  5. Before installing the application, understand first of such applications, during setup, or usefulness of the application.

Zeus Virus BlackBerry or a variety of other mobile phone virus, can be prevented before it takes a virus ormalware or corrupt data phones.

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