OmniTouch | New Technology of Touch Screen

OmniTouch | New Technology of Touch Screen - Team Microsoft issued a tool that is made all around your existing surface to touch screen!. OmniTouch, a product using the harmonic projection and sound to create a virtual screen on any surface.

The technology of OmniTouch is similar to the Kinect and allow users to use any surface, including their own bodies to make panel touch.

How OmniTouch Work?
The main function of the sensor devices are caught Depth Sensing that the finger movement. If you know how to work of Kinect, then the process is more easily understood. As in Kinect, the camera will map out your finger and capturing movement you make in 3D dimensions (X, Y, and Z). Then, pico projectors will shoot pictures to the surface that is in front of you. After that, simply use your fingers to manipulate images from the projector. In addition, this tool is also able to distinguish two different surface away from the sensor. So, you can use the surface of the table to become the main screen and add palm of the hand as a second screen!
The second picture on the surface you can also manipulated. You can zoom the picture by dragging the fingers, rotate, and wobbling. Photos also follow the surface motion. When your hands move, the pictures will follow your movements!

Writing, send email, play games or anything would be better with OmniTouch are using, it looks like ...

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