Nintendo | Mii Plaza 3DS Will Roll at End of Year

Nintendo, publisher video games and hardware, has announced that the Mii Plaza and elements of the console 3DS StreetPass will be updated before the end of this year. These announcements are sent directly Satoru Iwata, Nintendo president.

The move is part of the company's grand strategy designed to increase interest in the launch of new hardware. This then also allows users to get more value from Nintendo service. The update will allow players to use their Mii avatars in new ways, although the company has not said what his plans.

Nintendo Mii Plaza

Mii Plaza is a kind of center for the mini-games thatuse Mii characters. It also provides information that can collect 3DS Nintendo games from another device via StreetPass features. The players can have 300 collected and the Mii avatar can be chosen to use them as their own characters to the game, but the experience offered at this time seems less appealing to most people who have bought the console 3DS.

The reason Nintendo has announced the results of their poor in the first quarter of this year and blamed the delayed launch of the Nintendo 3DS as a whole, since it is incompatible with the expected schedule. To make more sales of the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo cut the price on this device to be USD169. This is significant considering that it launched less than six months ago and also plans to launch more software for 3DS before the end of this year. In addition, for those who have purchased these devices will also get access to a number of free games.

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