Canon EOS 60Da Camera for Space

Canon EOS 60Da for Space - Canon recently announced the Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) new, Canon EOS 60Da. The camera is designed specifically to be able to capture and preserve sight in the sky. Canon EOS 60Da is a further development of the EOS 20Da, this camera is suitable for users who like to capture the beauty of the night sky.

Canon EOS 60Da camera

DSLR camera uses an infrared filter and low noise sensor with a sensitivity of hydrogen-alpha. The modification allows the camera to capture the space object, such as stars, nebulae and cosmic phenomena.

Canon EOS 60Da is a camera that meets the needs of each customer, including those in the field of special hobbies (astronomy). This new camera that allows users to capture images accurately in our solar system, which can not be captured by conventional cameras.

Canon EOS 60dA camera features with 18MP resolution CMOS sensor which is claimed to produce sharp images and high contrast of sky objects. There is the ability of hydrogen-alphalight sensitivity is three times higher than other Canon DSLR camera series.This increase will be able to deliver 20 percent higher transmission, so users can capture images with sharp and clear.

Canon EOS 60Da camera also has LCD screeen 3" with a density of 1.04 million color dots that can be played (flip-out). EOS 60Da camera can also be integrated with the AVC-DC400ST Stereo AV Video Cable which serves to show views of the sky on a monitor or TV screen via the Live View mode. These sophisticated cameras can also be paired with a telescope through via third-partyT-ring adapter and supports super-telephoto EF lenses.

For light intensity, there is an ISO setting of 6400 to 12,800. The camera also has features like autofocus system, full manual control and supports the ability toimage recording, RAW, JPEG, and RAW + JPEG. Canon EOS 60Da camera price will be thrown into the market with a pricetag of USD1.499.

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