Indonesia Games Festival 2012 in Mega Bazaar Computer

Mega Bazaar Computer 2012 was held with two other awesome activities, namely Indonesia Games Festival (IGF) 2012 presented in specifically for gamers Indonesia is located in the Plenary Hall area of Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) and FOCUS photography exhibition that will fill in Assembly Hall area. Indonesia Games Festival 2012 will bring the latest games and a variety of games competition with 200 units of personal computers for the competition and test the latest PC games.

Indonesia Games Festival 2012

There are areas for each group games in Indonesia Games Festival like PC Game Area, Area Online Game, Console Game Arcade Game Area. Game enthusiasts can follow the game competition in accordance with their respective interests. PC gamers, they can compete in a fierce game Call of Duty and exciting game DotA.

Console gaming fans need not lose heart, in Indonesia Games Festival there are console games that bring into competition with prizes is Hybrid Tekken and Winning Eleven 2012 in PS3 console. In addition, there is competition game Gears of War (Flag Capture Mode) and Dance Central for Xbox360 console.

In Indonesia Games Festival 2012, there is also competition with the arcade game Pump It Up Tournament that will present an attractive appearance of gamers Jakarta.

The third of these activities together into one linked activities and pampering guests to enjoy the latest technological developments, as well as feel the thrill of competition atmosphere of the greatest games in Indonesia. To add to the thrill of the event, Indonesia Games Festival also held a cosplay 2012 competition. More stable because a lot of cosplay cast featuring your favorite anime and game characters to be real.

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